Scrambled Eggs

by Sure Plus

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recorded at the lincoln seminar room, the (bruce) manor, and the zen den

cover by brad knilans

thanks dogs, moms weekend, sign off, messy life, jack, ricky, PAAACE


released April 14, 2012


tags: punk Athens


all rights reserved


Sure Plus Athens, Ohio

grant and spencer

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Track Name: Triple Sec and Grilled Cheese
oh my cod
hold me close
feel my skin
through all my clothes

not in love
not a chance
fuck this song
lets just dance

kiss my friends
i hope this night never ends
Track Name: Betsy
fuck off

i don't care what your friends have to say to me
they're just wasting their time
and looking pretty unintelligent
i'd like to tell your friends to go get bent
but i can't cause i'm way too nice of a guy
so i put it in a song
and it goes

fuck off

when you flipped me off in the dining hall
i was eating dinner with james and caroline
they said "do you know that girl?"
and i said

fuck off

leave me alone
Track Name: Obviously Opposite Day
it's obviously opposite day in my mind
cause i know i shouldn't be feeling fine
i should be feeling fine

my shoes are on the floor
my keys are by the door
today is such a bore
and i can hardly make it up the stairs
my legs are feeling sore
and i know that it wears

the soles of my shoes
what do I choose?
Track Name: Return to Sender!
i can't sleep
i'll just debate
all the things i hate
like your punk rock
and over priced art supplies
and that look in your eyes
so take your words and choke on them
and i hope you taste all your phlegm
and i hate seeing your face
in a mutual place
if she could write a song
she'd probably sing along
to this one:

fuck you, fuck you too
Track Name: Jeep
t-boned at the side of the road
dreams where i crash my jeep
are the nights i do not sleep
and when i do i dream i talk to you
but when i wake i know i won't be able
because you don't want me to

they say you're not supposed to die in your dreams
but i have a countless of numbered times

i think my dreams, the feelings that i felt
i could say it was mutual, would it be me?
would it be selfish?

i don't wanna be selfish anymore
Track Name: Spoider Mon Demo (BONUS SECRET XCLUSIVE)
spin webs
sleep in
your bed
run straight
the pond

spiders crawl
into your brain
on tiny instruments they play yomzane, they say your name
"morgan don't be so scared"

i'm not afraid to die
and find some piece of mind